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In school we joined a competition called the edu blog competition! and we are supposed to each week complete different challenges so I am really behind! so I am just writting my first challenge! today I have to write 4 beacuse the 5 challenge, I am gonna do it tomorrow during ICT class!

why students and classes should visit my blog?

I think classes and students should visit my blog because I am going to write everything I do in my class! so many people can know what are the kind of classes we have in colombia! etc. every different thing I learn in class I am going to write it! the different things I lear in maths or other subjects! I want to show people who I am! etc.! I have fun writing posts so I would like people to know who I am and maybe they inspire themselves and they write their own blog! blogging is really cool! at the beginning I thought it was something weird! but now I think it is great! 

you should visit my blog, because I am gonna keep you informed about many different things! I love bogging! hope I can have my blog for a lot of time! hope you enjoy blogging just as me! 

This post was for the edublog challenge #1!

pat of challenge #1 was to recomend my best posts so I could recomend to you my TECHNOLOGY POST!, SECRETARIAT POST!, and HUASO HORSE POST! hope you enjoy watching my posts! 
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