Maria Camila's Blog


 My name is Maria Camila. I am in 6 grade and soon I will be in high school. In this page I am going to talk about my hobbies, my likes and my dislikes, my favorite things and much more things I want you to know about me.


As you can see I love horses, they are the greatest animal in the world, I love all the animals in the world but I prefer the horses because it is a noble animal, inteligent and has a lot of cualities we were not aware of, I have 2 horses:
The first horse is called Gypsy and he is white and is vey beautiful and a great jumper to I love him he is so great.

The second horse is called Mikaela and she is sorrel and beautiful and a great dressage horse I love her. 


I love horses but I also love cats, because they are so calmed and nice, They are the feline that conserve the most their its wild instincts, Cats are very intelligent, funny and kind to me!
I have 2 cats and they are so but so cute and I love them so much because they were my first pets!:

I have a male cat who is called Fidel, and he is a great string chaser, He likes to sleep with me but he is not allowed to because maybe he coud have and infection and you know how parents are so bla bla bla but still I love him! he is so cute!

I have a female cat called Serafina, and she is a great singer, cause every time you call her she says miau so I bet that when she becomes adult she would be a singer!... just joking but she just miaus for everything! She is the cat in the picture beside! isnt she beautiful! 

I love my cats they are so cute! Their story is really tragic! and here it goes:

The man that saddles my horse up founded 3 cats just beside the river so he took them to the place I ride horse, so a man that saw the cats like one of them so much he tooked him home so they were just the 2 little cats, the next tuesday I went to ride horse and I saw the little cats and liked them so much. I wanted to take them home but 2 weeks later we had a trip to Europe so we had no place to leave them wile we were away but my mum told me we could keep them, one common day I went to ride and during my class I saw a girl running through the path with something tight to her body, but I didnt worry but when I get off my horse my mum said to me -the female cat is lost- so I took the male cat and began to cry so but so hard it was so sad, but suddenly I heard a miau and it wasnt the one from the cat I was holding, it came from the back so I looked to the back and there I saw her, But I saw something strange she was hurted in her little paw, so I told my mum and she said ok we will take her to a veterinary house, so we took both cats to my hause and now they are healthy and safe and we all lived happily ever after! 

The one at the left is my male cat and the one at the right is the female aren't they cute?


One of my favorite movies is spirit because I love horses and this is such a beautiful story. It is really beautiful and such a emotive movie. I also love the songs of the movie bevause they are so beautiful.

Step up

that is a great movie watching all those dancing movies I beginto think I love dancig!