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In school we joined a competition called the edu blog competition! and we are supposed to each week complete different challenges so I am really behind! so I am just writting my first challenge! today I have to write 4 beacuse the 5 challenge, I am gonna do it tomorrow during ICT class!

why students and classes should visit my blog?

I think classes and students should visit my blog because I am going to write everything I do in my class! so many people can know what are the kind of classes we have in colombia! etc. every different thing I learn in class I am going to write it! the different things I lear in maths or other subjects! I want to show people who I am! etc.! I have fun writing posts so I would like people to know who I am and maybe they inspire themselves and they write their own blog! blogging is really cool! at the beginning I thought it was something weird! but now I think it is great! 

you should visit my blog, because I am gonna keep you informed about many different things! I love bogging! hope I can have my blog for a lot of time! hope you enjoy blogging just as me! 

This post was for the edublog challenge #1!

pat of challenge #1 was to recomend my best posts so I could recomend to you my TECHNOLOGY POST!, SECRETARIAT POST!, and HUASO HORSE POST! hope you enjoy watching my posts! 
In colombia we have a lot of talented people actors, or singers that are well known all over the world. Here I live some for you:


Fanny lu!

Sofia Vergara!

In class we are making a case study and my topic is DIAMONDS I love this gorgeous gems! I have learned a lot of things about them later on I would have a complete report of the topic, just wait for it!
As you may know I love horses because they are a great animal! and looking for horse videos in You Tube I founded this video that is about a military that in a ridding contest was wishing to win beat the worlds highest jumping record! I just can jump 60 cm and this man jumped 2.47meters isn't it amazing, well I know my friends jump maximum 1.10 meters but that is to high, so imagine being on a horse and jumping go jumping 2.47 meters so there I live the video!

I thought this was an interesting thing you would like to know about!

Today we had the visit of a publisher, talking about our unit of inquiry based on technology! She is from Peru and she has been working with publicity for more than 12 years. I could not listen to the complete speech because I arrived late from break but I heard it almost complete!

She talked about the kinds of publicity like:

Digital publicity: digital publicity consists in taking a special computer or cellphone to make publicity but we have gone much further, we are using things we are use to see like buildings or even something you use at home like a mirror to make publicity in public spaces! watch this awesome videos I live for you!

Famous promoters: Companies have make publicity with famous singers or actors!
In my next post I will put more of this kid of publicity's to show you
This past weekend I went to cinema to watch this awesome movie, because as you may know I love horses, and I enjoyed so much the movie I think I can watch a 100 times, what I enjoyed most about the movie is that it is a story based in true life! another interesting fact about the movie is that the real penny chenery appears in the movie and at the end she talks about all her career and the best horse of the world! the movie has a lot of detail thanks to the real characters of the story like: Penny Chenery (the horse owner), Eddie Maple (veterinarian) and Ron Turcotte (horse's jockey). If you are horse lovers as me do not doubt to watch it! if you have already watch it live a comment please! Or go to watch and leave a comment telling me what you think about it!

this movie is about a horse! that is actually the horse that has the greates world record! he beated all the possible marks of speed! this is the real videos of its race in wich he gaib the world record! a beautiful story! 

Diane Lane the actress that was interpreting Penny Tweedy in the movie and Penny Tweedy talking about that great movie they were producing!




Picture is a web page in wich you can make presentations about any topic and you can make great things like inserting pictures, videos from youtube and the cooler thing is making a path that shows every element in your presentation zoomed in, prezi is great for making presentations to any public or to make your knwoledge known to an internet public if you want to try here I leave the link if you want to try making your own prezi: hope you make great presentations. Leave any coments and tell me how did you go with your prezis. prezis are so cool for working in school and now powerpouin is in danger because a lot of people are now using more prezis than powerpoint presentation because prezi is esaier to use and has a very creative way of showing information. I like to make prezis for fun

 !Hi I am very exited because this is my first post and I think blogs are great since I began working with them, before I had no idea blogs so great  I thought they were just for presenting products and those sort of things. Blogs are fantastic and have things I never tought like: links to other web pages; links to games and other great things I love  blogs!! :D Hope you like my blog!!!

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